Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Learning New Embossing Techniques

For the last several days I've been taking online classes in the Online Card Classes A Cut Above Classroom.  Working with training and development everyday in a corporate setting, I must say that these ladies have the magic.  The classes are interesting and always useful.  Even with techniques I use all the time, I'm finding myself learning new tips and tricks.  They've been very thorough and I love the format.  It works well with my short attention span.  Here's a card I made tonight with the faux letterpress technique. 

One other thing I learned from this is to use the sookwang double sided tape on the back of my paper when cutting the intricate dies.  It makes them stick really well and takes a lot less time and mess then my beloved quickie glue pen. 

Thanks ladies (Kristina Werner, Jennifer McGuire, and guest instructor Nichol Magouirk) for developing such a fun and exciting class.  If you haven't tried them out, I give them a 5-star rating and recommend you do so immediately.


  1. Such a pretty card. Love the delicate look you achieved. Great butterfly focal point too. This is a great class. I am so behind, but will be working on mine over the weekend.

    1. Thank you! I'm behind too. I'm hoping to spend the entire weekend creating :)